Peppermint Aroma Spray

Peppermint Aroma Spray


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There is much more to Peppermint than just the association of the smell of it with the candy. Used for centuries to help with digestive, respiration and nervous system problems, it is still used today as it has a variety of health benefits. Because it contains Menthol, it produces an immediate, pronounced sensation of coolness when applied to the skin. Peppermint promotes healthy respiratory function and allows for clearer breathing. Using Peppermint will help an upset stomach feel better and it is well known as being great for oral health as it is used in many toothpastes and chewing gum. Once you diffuse Peppermint, you will notice an uplifting and rejuvenating feeling. When feeling stressed, Peppermint will help you feel happier and awakened.

Ingredients: 100% pure essential oil

Part of the plant used: Leaves

Extraction Method: Distillation

How to Use: For topical application: Mix 4-20 drops of essential oil with 10 ml of carrier oil.

For local application: Apply to affected area up to three times per day.

For body massage: Apply once daily.

For Steam inhalation: Add 6-24 drops of undiluted essential oil to a bowl of steaming water/facial steamer. Inhale slowly and deeply for 5-10 minutes. Up to three times per day. Do not use essential oils undiluted.

Uses: Peppermint is beneficial for the nervous system, skin care, hair care, respiratory system, circulatory system, muscular system, digestive system and the reproductive system.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by FDA, is not claim of any medical healing whatsoever. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Any medical concern to be contacted medical doctor. Keep out of reach of children, should not be used during pregnancy or when breast-feeding.

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