Your body always gives out symptoms

- You just need to be mindful to watch out for them to find the appropriate cure.

Very often, symptoms of an ailment start appearing early on, but we keep ignoring them. It is important to watch out for health symptoms - the earlier symptoms are detected, the better are the chances of curing them fast.

Many a times,

The symptoms of a particular health issue can appear in some form not connected to the particular organ. For example, an increase in the frequency of your emotional outbursts may signal a hormonal imbalance, or even a heart related issue.

Chronic diseases too give out symptoms early on before they gain enough energy and momentum to impair your healthy everyday living and thriving. Stress, inflammation and sometimes your genetic disposition (not always, as most of us tend to think it to be) can cause your body to develop symptoms of potential chronic and life-taking ailments.

Development of Symptoms and Illness


00 - 10

Health habits


20 - 30

Conditions begin


40 - 50

Symptoms develop


60 - 70

Illness appear


80 - 90

Premature aging

Check Your Symptoms

So, DO NOT ignore your symptoms. DO NOT.

Take our Symptoms quiz to find out if you have any of the symptoms that may signal the onsetting of a chronic condition. At Peggy Angel, we take the time to study your symptoms and provide diet chart or remedies accordingly.

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